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Medical Dermatology

Medical dermatology or general dermatology encompasses common conditions that affect the skin. Below are a few of the most common ones seen in a dermatology office.

(This list is by no means exhaustive as there are over 3000 dermatological conditions.)

Services I Offer

Soft Skin


I am an expert in diagnosing and  treating psoraisis and use a combination of topical medications, light therapy, oral as well as injectable medication to treat and control psoraisis. In addition psoriasis is in upto 30% cases associated with psoriatic arthritis and since I am a board certified rheumatologist screening for psoriatic arthritis can be done in the same visit without any referrals to an outside provider.


Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema

It is an autoimmune disease. Sometimes it may actually be an allergy to ingredients in everyday skincare products. We will try to determine the cause, but if no triggers can be found, then we will look to the best treatments for your situation which includes topicals, light therapy and an injection called dupixent.

Stressed Man

Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss are multifactorial. During your visit we have most patients answer a hair loss questionnaire and get a scalp biopsy to determine the main causes of hair loss. Treatment appropriate to the underlying cause of hairloss is discussed and started. I also do PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to treat hairloss.

Woman with Hand on Face


A common problem affecting both men and women. I will customize a treatment plan that is specific for your skin type and for the type of acne you have. My goal for you is blemish free skin and I can get you there. I can get you there.

Preparing for Blood Test

Total Body Checks

During this exam, I examine your skin for any abnormalities using a handheld device called a dermatoscope. This helps me distinguish between normal and abnormal lesions. Upon finding an abnormal lesion we will discuss the best way to biopsy it for a definitive histopathological diagnosis.

Lab Experiment

Fungal Infections

Yeast and mold live on the skin surface as normal inhabitants. Sometimes they can overgrow causing an infection that needs to be treated. Fungal infections can affect your nails, skin, and hair.

Dermatology Consultation

Bacterial Infections

These can be seen in patients that have underlying atopic dermatitis or on chronic immunosuppressive medications. Sometimes they occur without an underlying cause. If they present as an abscess they need to be incised and drained.

Strong Woman


Also called excessive sweating. This can either be localized to a part of the body (underarms, or palms or soles to name a few or generalized). There are new topical treatments for this condition and injections that we can administer in the office to decrease excessive sweating. 


Drug reactions

Any medication when ingested has the potential of causing an adverse reaction which may manifest as a skin rash. Chemotherapy medications are one such common cause. These are often not life threatening and can be managed but it’s important to first make the correct diagnosis.

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